Children's parks


Fiabilandia in Winter

In the centre of Moena

Fiabilandia closed on 15 March. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Come and visit Fiabilandia this winter, Moena’s playground in the snow!

The ...

Lusialand in Winter

Alpe di Lusia Ski Area

The Lusialand playground
is near Chalet Valbona, and can be reached by the cable car from Ronchi, Moena.
While the adults go skiing, the children can have fun playing in the snow, supervised by our ...

Kid’s Paradise

Passo San Pellegrino

The nbsp;Kid's Paradise playground is at Chalet Cima Uomo, up at Passo San Pellegrino. It’s a snow park with nbsp; swings, slides and playhouses, providing lots of fun for younger visitors.

Free entrynbsp;


Lusialand in Summer

The Lusialand playground is up at Alpe di Lusia, so you need to take the Ronchi Valbona cable car.nbsp;