Moena rises up from a wonderful alluvial bowl surrounded by some of the most attractive Dolomite ranges such as the Latemar Group, the Valaccia and the green foothills of the Costalunga Pass.

Moena is the most populated town of the Val di Fassa. Known both in Italy and abroad as the "Fairytale of the Dolomites", it completely encompasses the fascination and ancient attractiveness that recall tales that have gradually been lost over time.

For some years, Moena has also been known as an Alpine Pearl, the only tourist destination of the region of Trentino to form part of this sought-after group.

The town, very well looked after in terms of architecture, distinguishes itself through its captivating elegance and refined boutiques, which visitors can make the most of to satisfy their desires for high-class shopping. What's more, over the last few years, Moena has shown itself to be extremely appreciative of the Ladin culinary tradition and hosts popular food and wine events such as "A cena con Re Laurino" (Dinner with King Laurino) in winter and "Sapori d'Autunno" (Tastes of the Autumn) in September.

Moena is also home to the Alpine Training Center of the State Police, which is of extreme importance for the security services and a provider of emergency mountain aid both in the summer and winter. The barracks, as well as hosting the sports section of the State Police and the canine unit (highly specialised and involved in searching for people swept away by avalanches), are also a base for lots of mental, physical and specialised training courses of staff.


Pedestrian area

The centre of Moena welcomes guests to its stylish “lounge”. Both the main squares, as well as the riverside boulevard, are closed to traffic, so you can stroll around free from fumes and noise.

There ...

Rioni (Districts)


Make sure you visit this little village during your stay: a historic district of Moena and an ideal place for an interesting stroll. The district is very well tended by its inhabitants, who have set up an association called the ...


This summer, a new fully electric train has been put into service in Moena, offering Green Mobility for the town, and strengthening its credentials as part of ...