Passo San Pellegrino

The Passo San Pellegrino is an open pass and was not difficult to cross even in ancient times.

Following the beginning of the crusades, the pass grew in importance as a faster and safer road between the heart of Germany and Venice, the embarkation point for the Holy Land.
The origins of name:
For centuries the hospice was run by pilgrim brothers, hence the pass was known as "Passo San Pellegrino". Initially the hospice was not located where it is today but on the other side of the road (opposite the small church). It was destroyed at the beginning of the First World War and then rebuilt in the current location and style.

At the beginning of the last century, the very first tourists began to appear. But it was only after the War, thanks to the recovery work carried out by the "Sul fronte dei ricordi" association, that the pass was really rediscovered.