Lessons in freeriding

If you want to escape the usual well-beaten slopes, and to enjoy what our area offers to the full by skiing on fresh, powdery snow, you can contact the freeriding specialists at the Moena Dolomiti Italian Ski & Snowboard School. Their instructors give lessons in snowboarding and freeride skiing, guiding you safely down some wonderful descents, and ensuring you enjoy a novel and exciting experience.

Col Margherita Freeride Park

A real paradise in the snow for skiers looking for a thrilling but completely safe experience away from the regular slopes. The trail is easy to get to with the Col Margherita cable car to the San Pellegrino Pass, and is very well signed. The entrance gate with ARTVA test is managed by trained personnel, and the State Police and Alpine Rescue are on hand to provide an emergency rescue service.

Scufons del Cogo

The Scufons del Cogonbsp; association (the name means "the cook's stockings" in Ladin - ed.) is a group of telemark and freeriding fans formed about fifteen years ago in Moena. It now has about a hundred members, from both within the town and outside the valley. The Scufons are skiers, but above all they friends who like to spend time together and enjoy skiing.

There are lots of organised activities: the highlight is the Scufon├Ęda, one of the largest and most intriguing telemark gatherings in Italy. In addition to technical skiing, they also celebrate the return of this historic skiing technique, with participants wearing typical Ladin costumes from the early 1900s.